Tree Pruning

Your trees need attention on a full scale to be healthy and safe. Proper pruning techniques are vital to the trees compatibility with structures and other landscaping on your property.

Improper pruning can lead to trees that are unsightly and unsafe. Removing trees and limbs that are dead or structurally unstable should be done as needed to prevent property loss and insurance hikes. Trees are at their best when kept off roofs, cars, and our neighbors property.

Pruning of young trees can prevent hazards by removing bad branches while the tree is small, and structural flaws have not yet progressed. A properly thinned tree can let wind blow through it’s structure instead of creating a solid mass that the wind blows against, leading to the root system becoming dislodged, toppling the tree.

Notice the tree on the
left before thinning.

The tree after
thinning is on the right.

The tree now has room
to breathe and allow
the wind to move through its branches.

Smaller branches and water sprouts or “sucker growth,” use a lot of energy that a tree could be using for more beneficial development. Deadwood is more likely to break off and fall. It also harbors pests and disease, and should be removed. Proper pruning can reduce the threat of your big, beautiful trees from becoming part of your living room motif. We do not perform tree topping because it is the most harmful tree pruning practice known. Find out why.

Tree Health Checklist

This list is to help you monitor and assess the condition of your trees. The following are just 7 of the visible signs that your tree is under stress.

  • Are the ENDS of the branches dead or without foliage?
  • Are the TOPS of your trees dead or without foliage?
  • Can you see pitch (sap) or a watery substance oozing from places on your tree?
  • Are there a lot of dead limbs in your tree?
  • Does the foliage look dull, yellowish, or have brown in some areas? The foliage should be a deep vivid color.
  • Does your tree have wilting or drooping leaves?
  • Are your tree’s leaves being eaten by bugs?

If you have noticed any of the above signs that you tree is under stress, give us a call for assistance in returning your tree to good health.

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