Tree Removal

While we would rather help care for your trees than remove them, we understand that Tree Removal is a part of the natural life cycle. That’s why we provide Tree Removal services whether its Hazardous Tree Removal or Dead Tree Removal. There are many reasons to want to take down trees. This might include damage from storms (wind, snow, ice, lightning & rain), construction needs, or aesthetic purposes.

If a tree is dead, dying or diseased, and good forestry practices cannot preserve the tree, the tree may be in such a dangerous or hazardous condition as to threaten or endanger the safety of people, structures, property, or other trees. Some cities may require a permit for tree removal and you will want to reach out to your local government representatives for more details.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous Tree Removal is one of the most dangerous tasks we perform here at ArborSmith Tree Care. Our process involves removing dead, dying and damaged trees that pose a hazard to people, utilities, animals, personal property and any other structures. These trees may have significant structural defects and you may notice they have loose bark, fungal fruit bodies, abrupt bends and dead twigs and branches. Other signs include damaged roots, weak fork, break out cavity and pruning wounds. These are all signs that you need Hazardous Tree Removal.

Because the potential personal damage from falling trees is even more destructive than property damage, hazardous Tree Removal should only be handled by licensed professionals like Arborsmith Tree Care.

Dead Tree Removal

Removing a dead or dying tree is crucial as soon as you realize it. Dead Tree Removal is needed if a tree is in danger of breaking apart or falling down. Thought the years, Dead Tree Removal has been our specialty here at Arborsmith Tree Care.

Experience tells us Dead Tree Removal allows the home owner to avoid insects, like termites and carpenter ants, getting too cozy inside your trees. Any wood boring insects will be attracted to dying trees and will need Dead Tree Removal.

Our licensed professionals will remove the tree out of the ground if its still standing, cut the tree up or mulch it, or haul it off for composting. Not sure if your tree is dead or dying? Call your Dead Tree Removal Experts today!


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