Tree Health Care

While professional pruning is important to the health of your tree, so is proper nutrition. Give your trees a helping hand with Mycorrhizae and Compost Tea.

Most plants extract their much needed nutrients from the soil with the help of a very beneficial micro-organism called “Mycorrhizal Fungi”. This fungus has fine threads that branch out between soil particles. They extract phosphorus and other vital nutrients for themselves and in turn pass them on to your plants and trees.

Mycorrhizae Inoculation

Mycorrhizae Inoculation offers several benefits to the surrounding plants and trees like improved soil structure and protection from harmful pathogens.

Improved Growth and nutrition

Inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi offers many opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of mycorrhizae.

Improved Drought Resistance and Soil Structure

Mycorrhizal fungi stimulate root growth and increase the absorptive root area by sending long hyphal strands into the soil.

Organic Compost Tea

An Organic Compost Tea is suggested anytime the organisms in the tree’s soil are not at optimum levels. Optimum organism levels can be reduced through loss of top soil, use of chemical-based pesticides, fumigants, and herbicides. In addition, some synthetic fertilizers kill a range of the beneficial micro-organisms that encourage plant growth.

Improved Growth and nutrition

An Organic Compost Tea that contains the proper balance of microbial life and soluble nutrients can greatly benefit your trees and plants. Tea can also reduce the negative impacts of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers on beneficial mico-organisms in the ecosystem.

Improved Drought Resistance and Soil Structure

In today’s man-made environments, plants can be greatly stressed with concrete, asphalt, air pollution, top soil loss, and the absence of quality organic matter due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Take Care of Trees

Trees will take care of you

Tree Health Care Maintenance Schedule

Arborsmith Tree Care offers Plant Health Care Maintenance Contracts to make caring for your trees and plants a breeze. The use of our PHC program will reduce landscaping costs and can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.

You will have the choice of receiving the Mycorrhizae and Organic Compost Tea application services Annually, Bi-Annually, Tri-Annually, or Quarterly. All services include inspection of all trees to determine any damage, hazards, pathogens, or pest infestations.

In addition, each time our technician inspects your property, an Inspection Report will be left advising you of any needs or concerns that need to be addressed.

Print a copy of the City of Vancouver’s Street Trees Selection List to get ideas for the types of trees that are good for planting near streets. Use our Complimentary Tree Health Checklist for visible signs your tree may be stressed, and for more information on how we can help you keep your trees healthy, contact us.


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